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We are conditioning hearts to:

Wall of compliments gives everyone (individuals, businesses, and institutions) the opportunity to generate viral goodness, and make a positive difference in our world by sending compliments.

To start sending compliments, download the app and just touch the logo!


Dark gray bubble indicates compliments you receive from people you do not "SUPPORT".

Red bubble indicates compliments you receive from people you "SUPPORT".

Red bubble in center indicates compliments sent to others by people you "SUPPORT".

Blue bubble indicates compliments you send to others.

A white heart icon [in any color bubble] indicates compliments you receive from, or send to, your "SUPPORTERS".


Download the app to start "SUPPORTING" your loved ones and friends, well-known individuals who inspire you, brands you consume, institutions you trust, and organizations that benefit the causes you believe in. To "SUPPORT", search for the profile by name and just touch the heart!

Together we can change the world, one compliment at a time.

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